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Not so Recent Past
03.07.20 Hatchers @ Jerry’s on Front w/ Valise, Cienfuegos, & Fratesi
02.14.20 Hatchers @ House of Yarg PHL w/ Slack
02.07.20 EMBARKER @ INC Miami
12.21.19 Hatchers @ Century Bar with Human Adult Band
11.9.19 EMBARKER @ The Dust Bunny w/ Liz Meredith, Comfort Link, Street Rat & Kyle Press
11.2.19 @ Pageant Gallery - Brian Osborne Record Release,  Michael Barker / Tamio Shiraishi duo & Wall Wymyn
10.11.19 Hatchers @ Jerry’s on Front w/ Gold Dime & Carnivorous Bells
04.12.19 @ Jerry’s on Front w/ Eva Aguila & Eric Barry Drasin
08.25.18 @ Spleen Coffin Festival  Baltimore, MD

Bio: m.barker (Embarker) is the solo sound project of audio visual artist Michael Roy Barker. Based out of Philadelphia, PA USA, Mb uses a variety of electronics, modular synthesizer, homemade instruments and voice to create (insert adjective) sound collages and compositions that often provide a live sound track to found and interactive video. Mb has performed throughout the United States, Europe, Canada, and Japan and has released numerous recordings on a variety of formats. 

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