APRIL 2008

4/11/08 : Michael gave me a hard time, in front of students, when I inform him how I want Plasma Screens transported.

4/16/08 : Michael did not put Sara Macs LCD projector request in the appointment book, although he received it on 4/4/08. When I asked him why this request was not placed in the appointment book, his response was “ So It’s on Me ? “ The request was cc’d to Michael ( as per my request to those who e-mail me equipment requests ) so that those requests can be placed in the department appointment book. Michael had been informed by me that in order to cut down on printing and paper waste, requests would be cc’d to him for him to place in the appointment book.

4/17/08 : Michael is out of town ( Calif. ). I am without CWS today. I attempt to retrieve an LCD projector from Grad. Studies Adjunct Faculty Office as per SOP. It is delivered to M-11 / Anderson every Wed. and I have an agreement ( via Erin B / Grad. Admin. ) with the instructor to secure it in the Adjunct Faculty Office for retrieval on Thursday. The projector is not in the Faculty Office. I ask Erin B. if she knows where it might be. She informs me that it is now returned to the Grad Student studios at the end of the Wed. afternoon class instead of being secured in the Faculty Office. I have not been informed of this arrangement and would not have approved it, as these studios are not as secure as the Faculty Office.

4/18/08 : I am unable to find the remote control for the 5 disc DVD player that will be used for the music playback on the Hamilton steps for the Inaugural Gala. SOP is for the remote to “ live “ in the remote box in the AV office when not in use. I find it in the CBS closet on Sat. 4/20/08. Also on this date ( Michael is out of town ( Calif. )) I realize that the DVD that Michael had recorded for the Gala ( Bandstand video ) is not usable. If it had been checked for accuracy after the recording this situation could have been avoided. Fortunately there was a second copy available for use that was recorded properly.

4/20/08 : While doing a walk thru of the Terra building I find a DVD player with 3 remote controls in the Connelly auditorium closet. There was no reason for them to be there. Their storage place, when not in use, is the Terra basement storage area.

4/21/08 : After asking on many occasions to be told when CWS are not showing up for work or are going to be late, Michael failed to tell me that Andrea E was going to be late.

4/22/08 : Michael responded incorrectly to a request from Doreen B. ( Found. ) for a podium light for a film screening in CBS. He informed her AV did not have podium lights . The AV department does have podium lights. If Michael had asked me, he would have been able to correctly inform Doreen.

4/24/08 : Karen C ( Art Ed. ) calls because the overhead projector that she ordered was delivered to her by Michael without a spare lamp and that the lamp in the projector was not working. It is SOP to include spare lamps when delivering overhead and slide projectors. I was still on campus and was able to provide and install a fresh lamp.

4/25/08 : Michael gave me a hard time when, after viewing 3 students sitting around the office doing nothing, I tell him to send the CWS out to monitor the classrooms as per SOP. He tells me they did it on Monday. I inform him that the monitoring of classrooms is an everyday ( when possible ) occurrence.

4/28/08 : After making many requests for proper information to be placed in the department appointment book, Michael is still making incomplete entries. On this day a student stopped at the office to request an opaque projector for delivery the next day. Michael’s entry in the appointment stated only: OPAQUE PROJECTOR TO 10TH FL TERRA AM. The correct entry should have stated : TIME OF DELIVERY, LOCATION ( classroom / office # ) OF DELIVERY, BORROWER’S DEPT., BORROWER’S NAME & BORROWER’S PHONE NUMBER. This is a standard template that already exists on printed pages of the appointment book.


5/1/08 : Trash not taken out. No CWS in today. Amber no show / no call.

5/2/08 : Noon…Jake, Alex & Nate sitting around doing nothing, waiting for me to take them to lunch at 1:00 ; they should be checking classrooms as per my instructions to keep students busy. At 12:15 Michael sent them to 309 C for a projector pick up.

5/5/08 : My cell phone rang at about 9:00 AM and I could see it was a call from Michael, but I could not pick up before the voicemail kicked in. I waited for a few minutes, awaiting a ring indicating that I had a new voicemail message. I never received a voicemail ring, so I called Michael and asked if he had been trying to reach me. He should be leaving voicemails but doesn’t.

5/6/08 : Trash marked as taken out. It was not. I have been asking Michael since September to see that the trash is taken out daily. I’ve told him that he personally did not have to take it out, but have a student take it out. It is also an entry in the daily appointment book for Mon-Fri. It still does not get taken out.

5/7/08 : After asking on many occasions to be told when CWS are not showing up for work or are going to be late, Michael failed to tell me that Nate had contacted him the night before to tell him he would not be in as scheduled.

5/8/08 : At 1:20 PM ( after fire ) I pick up a piece of paper on the floor of Michael’s desk. On the slip of paper is a name that I cannot decipher. Michael is seated at his desk and I give him the paper and he says : “ Oh yeah, Susan Glazer has cancelled our shooting of this weekends performances “. I have to wonder if I had not picked up the slip of paper with the name on it that turned out to be “ Glaser “ if I would have found out that the videotaping had been cancelled.

5/27/08 : While browsing through the department appointment book, I see that Michael has made an entry into the book that he will be on Vacation from Monday, 8/11 through Monday 8/11. He has not yet given me either verbal or written notification of his plans. There is already an entry in the appointment book indicating that I will be on vacation that day.


6/19 : Appears to have dropped the ball re: Dance screenings in Drake & Connelly. He received a call from Terry Fox on 6/10 ( voicemail ) with information, dates & a call back number. Entry made in book for Wed ( 6/18 ) at Drake. No entry made in book for Thursday ( 6/19 ) for screening in Drake. I received calls at home at approximately 9:30 PM from Public Safety and Terry F. re: Drake screening and there not being access to equipment. The entry for the Connelly screening was not placed in book until Fri. 6/20.

6/25 : I was not informed by Michael that Tom C. had stopped by the office and changed the start time of our meeting with Warren A. from 11:00 AM to 10:30 AM. There was also no entry in the appointment book for the SMFA Lecture Series in the appointment book until today, the day of the lecture.

6/27 : Offered Michael opportunity for extra hours ( verbally ) to work Sunday, 7/6, for Pre-College Move In. He responded ( via e-mail ) on 7/1 that he was not available.


7/ 6 : ( Sunday ) I’m on campus for Pre – College Move In / Orientation. I receive an e-mail from Melissa Di. ( dated 7/3 ) re: CD Player not being delivered to 318 / A for which CE has a standing order for every Thursday from 6:30 – 9:30 PM. The appointment book indicates that it has been delivered by Jake. I go to Anderson Hall to pick up from 318 and it is not there. It is in our Anderson storage area and has , as per Melissa’s e-mail, not been delivered. Also notice that Michael has put a note in our appointment book stating that he is taking a day off on Friday, 8/22, although he has not mentioned this to me.

7/15/08 : At approximately 9:30 AM I saw Jake ( CWS ) in the office and I asked him how he and Michael were progressing with the “ tagging “ of LCD projectors. Jake informed me that they were in the Terra building and that Michael was not feeling well. At 10:15 AM I was in the Terra building and called Michael to determine his location (Room 602 ) and I met him and he told me he was not feeling well. I told him that if he was going to go home, to call me. He did not. I did not find that he had gone home until Jake came back to the office for his lunch break, about 12:30 PM.

7/16/08 : Jake ( CWS ) called out sick and Michael did not inform me as per my instructions and many requests to call me when someone calls out.

7/17/08 : Michael placed a SMFA student request for equipment ( overhead projector ) that was requested to be used on 7/17 in appointment book for use on 7/24 instead. The student came to AV office at 12:45 PM looking for equipment that was supposed to be delivered to 212 / Anderson by 12:30 PM. Equipment was delivered by Jake by 1:00 PM.

7/24/08 : I called Michael from home ( I was on Vacation ) at about 9:00 AM to ask him to meet with Coastal installers re: a last minute decision to make the new Painting spaces in Hamilton Hall Smart spaces, because I had received a call from Joe at 8:30 AM asking me questions re: projectors in those locations. I left Michael a voicemail asking him to call me back to confirm he had received my message. I called him later in the day to ask if he had received my voicemail. He said he had received it. He did not follow my instructions asking him to call me re: receiving my message.

7/25/08 : I visit the office at about 6:00 PM to find equipment moved that Michael was not instructed to move.

7/28/08 : I come into work and neither Michael nor Jake informs me as to the location of the equipment that was moved while I was on Vacation.

10/28/08: Michael informs me that I may hear some “feedback“ from Admissions Staff re: him being asked to re-arrange the PA System in Solmssen Court for Open House on Saturday 10/25/08. I later hear from both Sue and Michele from Admissions that Michele had been very rude to them.

10/31/08 : Michael left work early and did not tell me he was doing so.

11/13/08: Audio equipment in 312 / H noted as returned. It was not.

11/15/08 (Sat.) I received a call at home around 9:45 AM from Susie O, an Instructor in the Saturday Lab program, who was looking for an LCD projector that she was told would be delivered to the Copy Room on Terra 10.Instead she found it in an un-secured make shift printing area under the stairs that lead to the 11th floor. Also, I told her when she ordered the projector that we would provide the 3 different types of Mac adapter so her presenter, who was using a Mac laptop, would be prepared for connecting to the projector. I was told on Saturday AM that only 1 Mac adapter was delivered with the projector. Fortunately her presenter brought her own adapter. The instructions stated that the 3 types of Mac adapter were to be delivered.

11/20/08: At about 11:45 AM I asked Michael to join me outside the office in the Hamilton stairwell because I wanted to discuss something with him that I did not want the CWS ( Erin ) to hear. I had two security issues to bring up with Michael. The first was to inform him about the theft of 18 AC laptops. He told me he already knew, that Adam C. had told him. The second issue dealt with the securing of AV equipment. On the morning of 11/18, before 9:00 AM, Michael delivered an LCD projector to the Terra boardroom for a PAEP meeting. I retrieved the projector from the Terra boardroom on Wednesday 11/19 about 11:30 AM and found it un-secured. Michael had not secured it when he delivered it. The projector was un-secured from approximately 9:00 AM (when PAEP meeting started ) Tuesday morning (11/18) to approximately 11:30 AM on Wednesday (11/19). When I asked Michael about this he said he was too busy and that there were no locks in the sub-basement storage area, and that he forgot to go back and lock down the projector. There were security cables & locks in the Terra storage area. As far as being too busy, there were only 3 jobs in addition to the regularly scheduled requests on Tuesday the 18th; one at 8:30 AM in Ceramics, the LCD projector delivery to Terra by 9:00 AM, and a microphone set up in Solmssen Court for 11:30 AM, so being too busy is not an acceptable excuse.

11/21/08: An e-mail request for equipment for a Student sponsored event was received on Thursday (11/20). It was a request for audio equipment for Friday evening (11/21) in the Hunt Room. The request was not posted and as a result was almost missed until I mentioned to Michael at approximately 3:45 PM this afternoon that he had received an

e-mail request on Thursday ( 11/20 ) from Andre requesting equipment.

11/26/08: I was out of the office yesterday (11/25 ) due to illness. When I arrived this morning I asked Michael where Jake was and he informed me he had taken the day off. This is another example of my not being informed of a CWS calling out, although I have asked many times to be told when they call out.

12/5/08: While cleaning out our Terra storage space, I find equipment there that does not belong to the AV department. I have no idea where this equipment came. It may have been a “ gift “ from another department. I have no idea where it came from or why it is there. This is another example of Michael failing to keep me informed regarding AV department concerns.

12/9/08: Without informing me Michael took it upon himself to remove much of the recyclable electronics equipment that was placed in the Terra basement for pick up by an electronics recycling firm. This equipment had been placed there on Friday, 12/7, by 2 CWS and myself. The 3 of us spent several hours in the sub-basement separating old, unusable, out of date equipment that was of no use to the AV, or any other University department. When I entered our Terra storage area today I was shocked to see the equipment that the 2 CWS and I had worked so hard to remove from the space, had been returned. This is one more example of Michael failing to keep me informed about AV department related issues.